Canopies / hard tops

Hard tops make it possible to fully exploit the advantages of a pick-up. They are able to turn a pick-up into a brand new car, not only in terms of functionality, but its appearance as well. A hard top gives your truck a unique, individual character. Depending on the customer's needs we offer hard tops leveled with the roof, raised, and low.

The pick-up hard tops offered by our company are coated with the highest quality materials to perfectly match the color code of the body, so there is no difference between the color of car paint and the hard top. Selected models are equipped with roof rails, enabling installation of an additional roof box.

We also specialize in building specialized canopies for special cars, which are the specialty vehicles belonging to agencies such as police, fire department, ambulance, electricity authority, construction industry, etc. The specialized canopies we design provide a wide range of possibilities for panned development of the space. The canopies are well suited for the work of electricity authority and emergency services.

Due to the concern for the individual needs of each customer, we would like to inform you that if you cannot find the product you are looking for on our website, you may contact us

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