LAZER Linear-18 Elite with position light

Voltage Range 9-32V
LED Life 50 000 hours
Weight 1090 gr
Total Luminous Flux 12150 Lm
Number of High Output LEDs 36
Power Consumption 126 W
Current Draw (at 14.4V) 8.8 A
Certification ECE R112
Width 532 mm
Depth 62 mm
Height 40 mm
0.25 lx 975 m
0.5 lx 690 m
1 lx 488 m
3 lx 282 m


What's included:
- x1 LAZER LINEAR-18 ELITE with position light
- x1 Anti-theft side mount (1127k)
- x1 Wiring and installation instructions 

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